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New Life Community Fellowship Church In The Berkshires Pittsfield, MA

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Welcome To
New Life Community Fellowship


Please join us for our
Sunday Services, Bible Study,
Youth Group and Life Groups.



Alpha Service
(No child care Or King's Kids)

Omega Service
(Child care and King's Kids)

Located in central Berkshire County, Massachusetts, New Life Community Fellowship Church has been serving the local community since its inception in 1996.
New Life does not conform to the traditional church mold:
  • We are not about a church becoming a building, but about people becoming the church.
  • We are not about promoting religion, but promoting a personal relationship in Jesus Christ.
  • We are about building our church with people who desire to know Christ personally; Jesus Christ being our chief cornerstone.
We do things that set us apart from other churches. In an effort to make our members and especially our GUESTS feel welcomed:
  • We donít pass around an offering plate. We donít want our guests to feel obligated to give.
  • We donít require you to dress up; please feel free to dress casually.
  • We donít require our pastor to dress up; allowing him to be more approachable.
Additionally, we want our members and guests to get connected! We plan and host different activities that allow people to interact, and get connected with the church (group of believers in Christ). Some of the activities are: Home Bible Study Groups, Fellowship time after Sunday services, and Potluck Dinners We want to provide people with a unique church experience thatís loving, welcoming, and comfortable. A place you can call your church home; a place for you, your family, and friends. We invite you to come visit us and experience this Christ and people centered church for yourself.
...Our Mission Statement - Making and Maturing Followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.
...Our Vision Statement - Impacting Lives with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ Locally, Regionally, Nationally and Internationally.
...Our Core Values
No Authority Beyond Scripture Learn & Follow Christ's Teachings
   Evangelism and Missions    Involvement and Accountability
      Worship       Fellowship
         Expectant Praying

New Life Community Fellowship
172 Hubbard Avenue ē Pittsfield, MA 01201 ē (413) 684-0001
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